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Wed, Nov 13

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Wednesday Nov 13 2019 Step Aerobics

Wednesday November 13 2019

Strength Hang Squat Clean
Every 1:30 for 5 rounds
1 hang squat clean
Start 60% and work to heavy

'Step Aerobics'
3 Rounds For Time:
25/19 Calorie Bike or 30/22 cal row or 400m run
20 Single DB Box Step-Ups (24'/20') 50/35 55+ 35/20
10 Squat Cleans 135/95 55+(95/65)

• Focus is on weights today, specifically on getting below parallel with the barbell.
• Light dumbbell on the box step-ups, where we are confident all three sets will be unbroken.
• Moderate weight on the barbell, where we are confident when fresh, we could complete 12+ unbroken.
• Squat cleans are the focal point, and where we have the most potential to make up ground on.
• Bike or row pace is strong at the start to get moving, but immediately settle into a sustainable pace.
• Box step-ups are smooth and methodical, with one steady pace for all three rounds.
• Squat cleans are where we make our push, aiming for either consistent sets, or fast singles from the onset. Remind ourselves that we can recover on the next bike. We just need to get there.

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