Teen Athlete Strength and Conditioning (TASC)

Classes starting January 6th, 2014!!


What is TASC ?
Teen Athlete Strength & Conditioning is a strength and conditioning program especially for young athletes.  We also welcome those that don’t participate in sports but who want to train like an athlete.

We use age and maturity level appropriate weightlifting (Olympic style), powerlifting, gymnastics (bodyweight movements) and track and field for high intensity training resulting in greatly improved strength, athleticism and fitness.

Please email us at info@crossfitmultiply.com or text or call 801-330-7001 if you are interested.  Space is limited!!

What to expect:
 Quality coaching to learn correct technique.
 The first several classes will focus on the foundational movements of TASC.  Subsequent classes will cover workouts and incorporate sport specific skills.
 An improvement in overall conditioning and strength, speed, explosiveness, balance, etc.
 An opportunity to improve character with perseverance, commitment, motivation, respect, concern for others, and a balanced approach to competition.

What we expect:
 Be on time – burpee penalty if late
 Place water bottles, keys, cell phones etc. in the storage cubicles near the door.
 Be coachable
 Be courteous
 Be respectful
 Give 100%
 Sign up for TASC via the CrossFit Multiply website using the Class Schedule link.
 Check the whiteboard for the self-guided warm up and start warming up!
 TASC is not just about what you can gain but what you bring.  Encourage and be willing to be encouraged.  Coming into this environment can be intimidating for some.  Introduce yourself and make all feel welcome.  Do your best and you will surprise yourself and others with what you can accomplish!
 Accidents and injuries happen and usually come as a result of impatience. Don't be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help.
 EMPTY barbells were not designed to be dropped (neither were dumbbells or kettlebells). We don't want our equipment, our rubber flooring, you, or someone else broken unnecessarily.
 Chalk is useful, even necessary. It is also messy. Use as much as you need, but keep the excess inside the chalk bucket.  
 Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout.   Help each other if needed!
10118 South Redwood Road, Suite C
South Jordan, Utah 84095 (view larger map)